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The Rise of Hybrid Frameworks

Overview and background of a hybrid web development approach, which appears to be the next round of the industry's evolution.

Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

Simple recommendations and techniques that might help you succeed in job interviews at your dream company.

Stumbling Blocks of Backend-Driven UI on the Web

Unobvious issues to be aware of before implementing backend-driven UI architecture in a web application.

Virtual DOM Is Not a Silver Bullet

An attempt to find out what is the exact advantage of using the Virtual DOM.

Stay Hungry

How to boost technical skills after years of routine in software engineering.

Full-Stack Designers Will Take Over the World

Should we fear that front-end developers will be kicked off the job market by full-stack designers in the near future?

Join the Dark Side

How to easily implement color scheme switching on a website.

Developer Environment Setup

Automated MacOS setup for development.

Enhanced Keyboard Navigation

A guide on how to improve keyboard navigation on MacOS.

Hello, World!

A quick overview of the new version of my website.