Kirill Ivanov

Hello, my name is Kirill. I am a frontend engineer based in Berlin.

I always loved creating things and was curious about how things worked, so I suppose it is natural that I became an engineer. At university I was into different technologies, such as game dev, 3D modeling and computer linguistics.

But it was the web that I really fell in love with...

Throughout my career, I was involved in building and maintaining a bunch of solid and complex high-load projects with a lot of interfactivity. The most significant projects I have been involved in are: CPA marketing platform, corporate and promo sites for construction companies and one of the biggest marketplaces in Russia with admin panel for sellers.

What excites me most about working in software development is being able to craft things that have purpose and solve real problems. I enjoy building valuable, engaging and performant products that provide intuitive and dynamic user experience. In other words, my passion is to build products I would like to use myself.